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Effective Communication – Introduction

Effective communication builds stronger relationships, trust and understanding. On a personal level, when someone is good at communicating they appear confident, they have insight into others, they are more relaxed in their interactions, and people listen to them.

The ability to communicate clearly so that your message is understood as intended, is an essential life skill. It’s never too late to start, and when you improve your communication skills will also be taking steps to improving your life. 

Communication skills are needed in almost all aspects of life. Professionally, good communicators improve their prosp[ects and make better colleagues, managers, and leaders. 

The same skills are just as valuable in our private lives. When you consider how widespread social discord and family arguments are, it's easy to see why improving one's ability to listen well and give voice to one's needs and wishes are vital to maintaining harmony and avoiding relationship breakdown. It's It is almost a cliché that personal relationships need communication. 

With a little know-how and attention, it’s possible to avoid the linguistic mistakes and misunderstandings that cause many of our difficulties. 

We can develop habits of thinking and speaking that will make a huge difference to how well and how much we have to speak to get our message across and to understand ourselves and our fellow men and women.

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