Why this Class?

Some people seem to have the edge from birth and are naturally more confident than others. But a positive self-image is not a fixed attribute and it can be developed at any time.

Consciously focusing on your competencies and other affirming attributes can help counter this effect and so, boost your confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

This Class gives you immediate access to confidence-building tips and strategies, with tutor support at any time. 

Enrol in this Class today and you'll how confident people manage to feel that way. You'll be given approaches and techniques to build life-changing confidence to enable you to start enhancing every aspect of your life, right away.

The benefits of Class include:

– Three months' access to all Class content

– Downloadable exercises and instruction sheets to keep

– Access on any device, including your 'phone

– Tutor support via email, for as long as you like.

Class curriculum

• Confident people traits
• Confidence myths and obstacles
• Removing the obstacles
• How to develop confident behaviour
• Activities to help you reinforce the learning.

This class will help you to:

√ Do things that make you feel more confident about who you are
√ Act in ways that help develop greater confidence 
√ Understand your key strengths and recognise successes
√ Find opportunities for new learning and personal growth. 

Why Boost Confidence?

What would greater confidence mean to you? The truth is, we could all use a boost sometimes, and some of us seriously held back by our shaky confidence.

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