Succinct and brief

This succinct class clearly will give you confidence when faced with differences of opinion, disagreements, and potential conflict. You'll learn practical strategies for working with difficult or challenging behaviour in any setting.

It covers the essential skills for identifying the problem, staying calm, and de-escalating conflict. It provides the basis for building a constructive discussion, even under the most trying circumstances. Interact with the presenter via email Q&A for additional support and guidance.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain confidence in handling challenging conversations
  • Get strategies for heading off potential conflict and arguments
  • Learn how to de-escalate tension and avoid confrontation
  • Develop a range of responses for use with conflict and disputes
  • Develop a framwork for dealing with conflict and verbal aggression.

Conflict is an unavoidable part of life. You don't have to like it to handle it constructively and this event will give you a framework to do that, with confidence.

A more confident approach

You don't have to like conflict to be able to approach it with confidence. This class shows you all you need to know to handle disputes and disagreements for more effective outcomes.

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