We can all be difficult sometimes but there are those who repeatedly behave in a way we find difficult to cope with.

It is more likely that this happens at work, but home and social life can present challenges too. This Class covers both situations.

With unique insights and examples drawn from the presenter's 30-year career, you'll learn proven tactics for getting out from under and taking back control, even with persistent relationship difficulties. 


What makes people 'difficult'

How labelling can go against you

What goes wrong – Common traps we fall into

The 5 guiding principles of managing difficult behaviour

Our typical responses (that don't work)

Focus on the behaviour, not the person

Protect dignity and self-respect of both parties

How to keep your cool

What you can change, and what you can't

Invaluable tips and tactics for managing difficult behaviour.

This class will help you to:

Become more confident in the face of ‘difficult’ behaviour 

Get better results from uncooperative ‘others’

Understand how to improve your relationship skills

Persuade or influence rather than confront 

Work with others you find difficult.

Upgrade your skills

Any time you want to change somebody else’s behaviour it is useful to remember that it is the behaviour, not the person, that you are hoping to change. This class shows you how.

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