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Free Courses vs paid courses

Some of my courses are free. I offer these courses for two reasons. Some are designed as a brief overview of a topic, they highlight the main points, and they are permanently free. In some cases this will be all you'll need to understand the topic.

However, free courses tend to be much shorter than paid courses. They are intended to give you useful, practical guidance, but they do not give the in-depth training provided by my paid courses.


Some courses allow pre-enrolment. This means that you can register for updates so that you'll be the first to know when the course you are interested in goes live.

Paid courses

If you want to go more deeply into the subject and to develop your skills – with the benefit of supporting exercises and learning resources – then a paid course is the best option for you.

Plus coaching

There's a third option with some of my courses. If your learning style prefers the support from a tutor you can benefit from direct coaching with the course presenter.

The 90-minute Skype session can be arranged to suit you, and with email follow-up included.
Personal coaching can help you set achievable goals, focus on specific area of your development, problem-solve, and apply your skill-set related to a particular context or situation.

When you have completed any paid course you can request a Certificate of Completion. This validates that you have taken the course and the estimated number of hours of study.


You can request a Completion Certificate on all my paid courses. In addition, some courses have CPD accreditation. This further increases the value of your course of study, as it demonstrates commitment to employers, and your wish to stay relevant in your chosen field.