Is there something about you've been promising yourself? Maybe you are putting up with a difficult situation because you “have no choice”, or simply because you don’t know how to go about tackling it, or where to start? Or perhaps uncertainty is holding you back in some way, or fear of failure prevents you from taking that vital first step.

Personal consulting is the coaching method I have developed for helping people deal with life choices when they feel stuck or need to bounce or talk through ideas before making an important decision.

Personal consulting is a highly collaborative, conversational approach; I act as a sounding board, coach, and mentor. I'll work with you to co-create a course of action which will lead you purposefully towards your goals.

Where to start?

If you want to make change it starts with a chat. For many, just one conversation is all that it takes.

Before we start, I offer a free 20-30 minute discussion so that you can explain what you’d like to have happen and I can explain how I might help. 

For some people, this is all that’s needed. Having taken the step to talk to me starts a process they can manage on their own. Others prefer some help, so they’ll book a session and see how it goes.

We explore possibilities and identify your natural skills and resources as a starting point for the change you would like to have happen.

So, let's talk. Send me sign to get things moving. There's no commitment; an initial chat will allow you to check me out before deciding.

Start here...

Please send me a brief explanation of your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange an appointment?

Send me an enquiry and I'll respond by email to book a convenient time for our initial, free Skype meeting.

Can I book a single session?

Absolutely! This is what I recommend. You book sessions as and when you need to. Some people prefer to have a session or two booked in advance. You choose whatever suits you.

Is the free session just a sales opportunity?

No. Over 25 years I have always offered a free initial session. It has advantages for both of us, and research shows that this initial chat is enough for many people to get them started with no need for further sessions. If you decide not to continue, there's no commitment.

I don't have Skype, is there an alternative?

We can also use Zoom, or Google Meet. The default is Skype but if you prefer another platform just let me know.

Where can I find out more about Personal Consulting?

You can view and download an article via my website: Personal Consulting and Life Choices