“The reaction people have to excessive pressure or other demands placed upon them. Stress arises when people feel they cannot cope.” 

Most of us function pretty well under pressure where we feel that we have some degree of control over events, and we can choose our response to the demands being made upon us. However, when we feel that those demands or expectations exceed our ability to deliver that which is being asked of us, we start to become stressed. 

‘Stress’ is perfectly natural and necessary. It is a generalised term for what is simply the body's reaction to extra demands being made on it. It is harmful when these demands become excessive or constant, that's when chronic stress can set in.

But if you take a few simple precautions you can ride out stressful events and even become more resilient in the process. This Class delivers what you need to develop your stress management skills without getting bogged down by theory and unnecessary information.

It tells just what you need to recognise the early warning signs of stress and delivers tips and strategies for breaking the stress cycle before it has a chance to break you.


Recognising the Signs of Stress In Yourself

General symptoms and indicators of stress

Essential Stress Management advice

How to protect yourself from chronic stress 

Suggestions for simple lifestyle changes to improve wellbeing.

Learning outcomes

Awareness of the stress cycle and its effects

Simple lifestyle changes can improve wellbeing

Strategies for dealing with short-term stress

Develop a range of responses dealing with stress and increasing resilience.

Stress is an inevitable part of life. It is easier to manage if dealt with early, ignoring the signs makes it harder to deal with.

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