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There's a lot to understand and learn about in life and many people think they don't have time to take on more than they are doing already. That's where our webinars come in. They are brief, informative, and provide a general overview of a topic so you don't have to commit to a course to be better informed.

I aim to host a webinar each week. Well, maybe not EVERY week because my training and other commitments mean that it won't always be possible. But it's a regular programme and it will happen most weeks.

These live, interactive webinars are designed to help you. Topics all relate to personal and/or professional development, and all are relevant to personal and professional development. To keep up to date make sure that you are enrolled in the school and you'll receive registration details as the webinars are announced.

My webinars last between 30 and 60 minutes, and each session will discusses a particular topic supported by an additional, downloadable resource list.

My motivation for putting the effort into producing these events is that I want to share my experience and resources that I have gathered over the 25 years of my training career. Webinars also give me a chance to interact with my 'audience' and to hear their ideas and answer questions.

Here's an example!