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Become your own life coach and build your skills and knowledge effortlessly with these online courses. They tell you what you need to know on the topic in question and give you the tools to put it into practice right away. Take control of your personal growth and development now.

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Coming soon

From mid-2022 I'm releasing a new range of recorded webinars. These mini-courses provide a quick overview of a topic. They include enough info and practical guidance to for you to upgrade your skills quickly, in case you don't have time or are not ready top commit to a full course. Stay tuned for more information

I'm also developing a monthly subscription plan to be launched in 2023. This low-cost plan will give you access to all existing courses and new ones as they are added, for as long as you keep subscribing. Join the school now and you'll receive a notification as soon as this subscription feature is launched.

Why should you join?

However resourceful, successful, fit, fulfilled and, well… just OK you are, you have surely known times when your normal talent for getting it right abandoned you.

Personal growth happens at those points in life when you see there is something you want to be better at, and decide to go for it. That’s where my school DIY Personal Growth and Development comes in.

Whether you are going through a bad patch – adapting to a change for example, or you’ve struggled over time, or you just think it would be a good career move, these courses are all designed to show you that it can change, and how to go about it.

Each topic is aimed at prompting thought and signposting a way through some of the unavoidable challenges we face in life. You'll learn proven skills and tactics, all designed to make you more able, more effective, and more confident in whatever you undertake.

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Barry Winbolt's Online Training Intro.

Barry Winbolt, trainer, therapist and author, explains his motivation for starting his online school for personal development.