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Classes have landed!

As promised I have launched the first of my a series of Classes. These low cost events (£9.99) are a great starting point and overview of each topic.

My classes deliver accessible, informative and practical guidance, briefly. They all relate to ideas that will help you grow, learn about yourself, and develop practical skills to help with many of the challenges life throws at us. The duration of my classes is a key factor. You can complete most classes in under 15 minutes.

There's a lot to understand and learn about in life. Many people think they don't have time to take on more than they are doing already. That's where my Classes come in. They are brief, informative, and provide a general overview of a topic so you don't have to commit to a course to be better informed.

They are designed to help and inform you. Topics all relate to personal and/or professional development, and are loaded with information, practical steps, and extra to resources to reinforce learning. Once you are enrolled in the school, you'll be kept up to date as new classes are announced.

My motivation for putting the effort into producing these events is that I want to share my experience and resources that I have gathered over the 30 years of my training career. As with my courses, each class also gives me a chance to interact with my audience, to offer support, answer questions and and hear your views.

Sign up for my school and I'll keep you informed of new topics as they are launched, introductory offers, and discounts.