The best recommendations come from the people who have already completed one or more of Barry Winbolt's online courses.

Here in their own words are what some former students think.

"This is really valuable information. Thanks so much for all the detail on how to communicate my ideas. I learnt a lot, thank you so much for such valuable information. EXCELLENT!" 


"The course is It was very eye-opening, easy to follow and fast track, and simple to put into everyday life. It is easy once you know how! Thank you, Barry." 


"An excellent material presented in an effective way particularly the real-life scenarios. Presenter comes across as highly skilled and his style is measured, informative and makes you feel confident you can master the skills." 


"A good introduction to emotional intelligence to gain some basic knowledge about the topic. The instructor was very engaging and it was a well-blended course of him explaining the topic in more detail and videos of role play to visualise how situations could look like in the workplace." 


"Good course that gives you the basics and tools of good and effective communication." 


"The narrator's lifetime experience in communication is obvious. He has the ability to make himself understood in a very structured and easy-going way. Full of examples. Thank you." 


"This course was wonderful. I loved the elements of communication." Shana.

"The course really outlines the basics of what is needed in an effective conversation. Not all conversations move in the same direction or pace so this really points out what is required." 


"Using a simple and direct way to explain, the teacher introduces the concepts of emotional intelligence, teaches you how to develop the relevant capabilities and give several ways to expand your knowledge. Honest, objective, very constructive and very well produced."


"I found this course gave clear, concise, and direct guidelines to help establish an effective conversation. I will take some of these tools and suggestions and use them in my office interactions."